The music from 'The Offensive' to be released as an album

Gianmarco Cellini and Tsar B make the music for the winner of the Ensor for Best TV Documentary 2021

After nothing but positive reviews for ‘The Offensive’, we’re proud to announce that the programme’s unique soundtrack will be released as a digital album. From March 9th, you can listen to the album via your favourite streaming service.

The current political climate in Europe is characterized by anger, but where does this anger come from? Traditional political parties are delt serious blows, while populist parties are seemingly soaring. Who are these ‘Offensive’, who are sending shock waves throughout the European Union?

In ‘The Offensive’, we travelled through populist Europe in seven episodes, looking for answers. Every episode tells three ‘offensive’ stories, encouraging the viewer to think for him- or herself, (especially) when the public debate is becoming more and more poisoned with ‘fake news’.

The series shows authentic portraits of people with often heart wrenching stories. The programme is strengthened by a unique soundtrack, which came to life in cooperation with Sonhouse. We could also count on the talent of the Limburg producer Gianmarco Cellini, who was brought to the project by Mounir Hathout (music supervisor of the documentary). Cellini keeps to the essentials and only used his synthesizers and a recording software. This approach lets the music tell its own story, while allowing every element to fall into place. Cellini also composed the opening credits for the Flemish version.

For the closing credits, we were thrilled with the song delivered by Justine Bourgeus, also known by her stage name Tsar B. She only debuted her first solo album ‘The Games I Played’ in 2018, but with the international soundtrack of ‘The Offensive’, she definitely proves that she’s earned her marks.

Some of the most remarkable songs from this composed soundtrack will now feature on an album: ‘The Offensive’. The album is published by Panenka, in cooperation with VRT MZK. ‘The Offensive’, directed by Luc Lemaitre and based on the book by the same name, written by Jan Antonissen (also chief editor), premiered on 4 November 2020 on Canvas and was very positively reviewed. The series won an Ensor for Best TV Documentary 2021. Starting in March, the programme will be aired on Dutch network VPRO.

Discover the album 'The Offensive' on your favourite streaming platforms: